AGC Construction Advocacy Fund Invests in two State Infrastructure Funding Campaigns

Outcome of Ballot Measures Will Have National Significance for the Industry
AGC's Construction Advocacy Fund is providing significant financial resources to support construction market growth efforts involving two state ballot initiatives that have national significance for the industry. Those efforts include: (1) providing $250,000 to oppose a California ballot initiative to cut $54 billion in construction funding by repealing a recent fuel tax increase—representing the first state ballot initiative seeking to significantly slash construction funding; and (2) delivering $75,000 to support a Colorado ballot initiative increasing a state sales tax and dedicating the proceeds to construction project investments. A portion of the contribution to the Colorado initiative will generate a new economic model that will help demonstrate the positive impact of increased infrastructure investments for each state in the country. Please visit  to learn more about the Fund and how it fights for your construction livelihood, business and market.

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