AGC Meets with GSA Chief of Staff

Reduce Regulations, Increase Competition
On June 9, AGC met with Jack St. John, the Chief of Staff for the General Services Administration (GSA) and currently the agency’s highest ranking political appointee, to discuss the Agency’s current and future role and provide AGC guidance on improving GSA. Among the topics discussed, AGC encouraged GSA to continue to consolidate and reduce federal footprint and reduce short-term leased facilities. At the end of fiscal year 2015, the total domestic federal inventory of office and warehouse space was 705.4 million square feet, a 3.4 percent reduction from fiscal year 2012. Additionally, AGC suggested ways that GSA could improve their construction procurement process.
AGC also urged the agency to rescind their Project Labor Agreement (PLA) preference policy that gives additional points to contractor bids that include PLA’s. Of the major federal construction agencies, the GSA is the only one that includes a bid preference for construction services proposals that include a project labor agreement. AGC neither supports nor opposes contractors’ voluntary use of PLAs but strongly opposes any government mandates or preferences for contractors’ use of PLAs.
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