AGC of America Joins Capital One, Microsoft, Starbucks, Target, and Others to Promote Voter Participation in 2018 Elections

The construction industry and the millions of workers it employs have much at stake this November. At a time when the industry is rebounding from the longest and deepest slump of any sector, it is especially important to elect local, state, and federal leaders willing to work for common-sense solutions to the challenges facing the construction industry and its workforce. That’s why the association, along with leading brands and organizations, is partnering in the TurboVote Challenge to help America reach 80% voter turnout. AGC makes it very easy to receive election reminders via email or text, register to vote, and apply for an absentee ballot using the TurboVote tool. Sign up today at
In order for our voices to be heard in this ever-changing political landscape, we must register to vote and cast our ballots early or on Election Day. Please share this information with your colleagues, friends, and family. Download this sample communication and send them an email today! Help make the construction industry’s voice heard loudly and clearly in this year’s elections! Get registered. Get informed. Vote!
For more information contact David Ashinoff at [email protected].

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