AGC of America sponsors a nonpartisan political action committee that gives members companies and their employees a chance to combine their voices and have an effect on the political process. Check out our explainer video to learn more about AGC PAC.

Voluntary contributions are pooled through AGC PAC to support pro-construction candidates for election to the US House of Representatives, US Senate, and White House.

With a pro-construction Congress and president, AGC can advance such legislative priorities as:

  • Fighting unreasonable and burdensome regulations
  • Preserving stable tax rates and tax policies
  • Stabilizing federal capital investment programs like highways, water treatment, Army Corps construction, military construction, and building construction

As a leader in the construction industry, your voice has a greater impact than most. Your understanding of the issues and experience in the industry can help guide policymakers on Capitol Hill. But no matter how strong, one voice is often overpowered by the endless clamor of DC politics.

AGC PAC allows you to join with thousands of others in the industry to speak with a united voice. And as the saying goes, "There is power in numbers."

AGC PAC is the most effective tool you have available in helping to elect pro-construction candidates to Congress.

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