AGC Shares Regulatory Plan with Trump Transition Team

This week, AGC shared its federal agency regulatory, compliance and enforcement plan with members of the Trump Presidential Transitional Team. Entitled “Make Federal Agencies Responsible Again,” the document calls for the repeal of dozens of unnecessary and overly burdensome executive orders, presidential memoranda, and federal regulations that have made it more difficult for construction contractors to safely, efficiently and effectively build the nation’s civil and social infrastructure.
In addition to charting a regulatory reform path forward, AGC calls for the Trump Administration to implement a critical paradigm shift within federal agencies. Specifically, the association calls for construction contractors to be treated as industry partners and not “industry opponents;” a term that can categorize the attitude many agencies have taken with the construction industry.  To do so, AGC calls for agency enforcement initiatives to focus on bad actors, rather than lumping innocent contractors in with bad actors. Additionally, AGC recommends a return to federal agencies helping construction contractors comply with the law through reestablishing industry partnership programs and developing educational materials.
For more information, contact Jimmy Christianson at [email protected] or 703-837-5325.

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