AGC Urges Trump Administration to Rescind President Obama’s Government Mandated Project Labor Agreement Executive Order

AGC this week urged President Trump to rescind President Obama’s project labor agreement Executive Order and replace it with a new order. AGC asked the president to issue a new order that ensures fair and open competition on federal construction contracts by preventing agencies from mandating contractors to sign a project labor agreement as a condition for winning a federal or federally assisted construction contract or by implementing a preference policy for bids with a PLA. The Obama era Order encourages federal agencies to mandate the labor agreements on projects valued at $25 million or more. Until the president acts, that executive order remains in effect.
In addition to calling for recession of the Executive Order, AGC is also urging Congress to support the Fair and Open Competition Act, which would prohibit federal contracting agencies from mandating that contractors and unions enter project labor agreements on direct federal projects
For more information, contact Jim Young at [email protected].

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