AGC President Testifies Before Senate EPW Committee

Discusses Need for Bipartisan, Long-Term Surface Transportation Reauthorization

On July 1, AGC President Bob Lanham testified before the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works (EPW) on the subject of “Infrastructure Development Opportunities to Drive Economic Recovery and Resiliency.” During his testimony, he lauded the Committee for its bipartisan passage of the America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act (ATIA) and articulated the need for the full Congress to pass a long-term, bipartisan surface transportation reauthorization bill. During the hearing, Lanham spoke favorably of ATIA, specifically citing provisions that would provide for regulatory and environmental streamlining, as well as provide a solid framework for building more resilient transportation infrastructure. He also highlighted the need for Congress to provide an infusion of federal funding to state departments of transportation as the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a toll on state transportation revenues. Click here to watch Lanham’s testimony.

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