AGC-Supported National Parks Infrastructure Bill Passes Senate

Provides $9.5 Billion for Transportation and Building Infrastructure Improvements

On June 17, U.S. Senate passed (75-23) the AGC-backed Great American Outdoors Act, which especially helps address the needs of National Parks Service infrastructure and facilities. The bill would establish the National Parks and Public Lands Legacy Fund, which would direct $9.5 billion in non-taxpayer monies over five years to address priority repairs in national parks and on other public lands controlled and operated by the Department of the Interior and its agencies. A minimum of 65 percent of the fund would be dedicated to non-transportation projects, such as building construction. The remaining parts of the fund would be available for roads, bridges, tunnels, and other transportation-related projects.

The legislative path forward in the House is unclear. The bill could be wrapped up in a broader infrastructure package the House could vote on as early as the week of June 29.

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