AGC Urges Congress to Act on Work Zone Safety

AGC Survey Finds That Nearly Two-Thirds Of Firms Working On Highway Upgrades Experienced Vehicles Crashing Into Work Zones During The Past Year.

On May 23, AGC released the results of the annual highway work zone safety survey. Sixty-four percent of highway contractors report that motor vehicles had crashed into their construction work zones during the past year, putting motorists and workers at risk. AGC calls on state and local leaders to enact new enforcement and education measures to improve work zone safety.

AGC is pushing Congress to require the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to collect comprehensive data on work zone crashes, including who is killed or injured in those crashes and to require states to create plans to reduce work zone crashes. AGC is also working with its network of chapters to push for better enforcement and education measures. South Carolina has begun mandating that work zone safety education for new drivers and Vermont just authorized automated speed enforcement on highway work zones.

AGC also released two new public service videos urging drivers to be more careful in work zones.

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