Action Alerts

AGC members are the association’s greatest advocates.  At times throughout the year, it is necessary to call upon the membership to make its voice heard loudly and clearly on legislative and regulatory matters affecting the construction industry.

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Tell Congress to Pass the JOBS Act

The construction industry is experiencing a significant workforce shortage with record job openings and record low unemployment. Tell Congress to reform federal education policy to help the industry meet its present and future workforce needs.

Tell Congress to Act on a Robust Highway & Transit Bill

Tell Congress to act on a well-funded surface transportation infrastructure reauthorization and increase investment in our nation’s infrastructure programs.

Support Guest Workers to Alleviate Growing Worker Shortages

Currently, our nation's immigration system provides the high-tech sector, agricultural businesses, and seasonal employers with options for legal, work authorized immigrants. It does not for construction. The Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act has been introduced in Congress. Please take action now to help us support this important legislation!

Multiemployer Pensions: Support Composite Plan Adoption

The nation’s multiemployer pension plan system is facing a crisis. Over 100 plans and a million participants’ retirement security are in jeopardy. Taking action is easy! Simply submit the pre-written message and tweet as is to your members of Congress or customize it with personal information on how this issue impacts you and your company.