Action Alerts

AGC members are the association’s greatest advocates.  At times throughout the year, it is necessary to call upon the membership to make its voice heard loudly and clearly on legislative and regulatory matters affecting the construction industry.

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Tell Congress & President Biden the Multitrillion-dollar Social Spending Bill Is Bad for Construction

Take Action: Tell Congress & President Biden that the multitrillion-dollar social spending bill, the #BuildBackBetterAct, is bad for the #construction industry. It includes unprecedented labor mandates and tax increases that could be devastating to my company and its workers. #AGCAdvocacy

Take Action - Stop Construction Materials Price Surge

As construction materials largely remain at record high prices and face continued availability challenges, President Biden and Congress are taking actions to make things worse.

Take Action - Oppose the PRO Act

The PRO Act poses a significant threat to the viability of the commercial construction industry, its long history of offering advancement and opportunity to all workers, and its ability to rebuild our economy and revive our nation. #AGCAdvocacy #construction #PROAct

Oppose Government-Mandated Project Labor Agreements

AGC is committed to fair and open competition for all public construction projects. The association strongly believes that the choice of whether to adopt a collective bargaining agreement should be left to contractor-employers and their employees.