Action Alerts

AGC members are the association’s greatest advocates.  At times throughout the year, it is necessary to call upon the membership to make its voice heard loudly and clearly on legislative and regulatory matters affecting the construction industry.

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Don’t Let U.S. DOT Divert Road Funding

At the expense of YOUR highway and bridge projects and construction jobs, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is moving to force states to spend their federal-aid highway funds, meant for road and bridge construction, to pay for buses, Amtrak trains, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Tell the White House and Congress we need to fix roads and bridges and stop trying to fund non-construction initiatives with highway construction funding.

Tell Congress to Stop Government-Mandated PLAs

AGC of America is committed to fair and open competition for all public construction projects. The association strongly believes that the choice of whether to adopt a collective bargaining agreement should be left to contractor-employers and their employees. The use of government-mandated PLAs hurt union contractors, open-shop contractors, and fails to promote economy and efficiency in federal procurement. Take action now!