Bipartisan Senate Measure Will Help Improve Aging Road and Bridge Network

The chief executive officer of the Associated General Contractors of America, Stephen E. Sandherr, released the following statement in support of the newly introduced, bipartisan Senate surface transportation legislation, the America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act:

“Senators Barrasso and Carper have crafted a bipartisan proposal to improve the nation’s aging and over-burdened highway network that is a critical first-step and should prompt action in the Senate and House of Representatives. It is significant that the proposed measure includes a substantial, and much-needed, boost in funding to repair clogged highways and aging bridges. But the measure also includes many thoughtful improvements to surface transportation policy that evolve a 20th century program into something more appropriate for today’s transportation needs.

“Among the important policy changes being proposed are measures to speed up federal reviews and permitting for needed new transportation projects. The proposal also includes needed new workforce development measures that will help attract a new generation of Americans into high-paying construction careers.

“While we continue to evaluate the broader proposal, this measure clearly deserves timely consideration within the Senate. Moreover, it should provoke similar action out of the House. That is why this association supports the measure and will urge both houses of Congress to take advantage of its introduction to make meaningful progress on passing a bipartisan, bi-cameral highway and transit bill as soon as possible.”

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