Confirmation Hearing Held for President Trump’s Treasury Secretary

Last Thursday, the Senate Finance Committee held a confirmation hearing for President Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Treasury, former-Goldman Sachs banker Steven Mnuchin. Democrats questioned Mnuchin on a range of issues, but failed to land any knockout blows. Topics discussed at the hearing included: tax policy, conflicts of interest and his dealings with OneWest during the mortgage crisis, Medicare reform, combating terrorism, offshore holdings, regulatory reform, immigration reform, trade, currency manipulation, housing reform, economic growth, the debt, sanctions, pensions, Puerto Rico, and Social Security.
Democrats on the panel are insisting on a second round of written answers to be submitted on topics including sanctions, regulations and taxes before the committee votes. With the Senate out of session until Monday, Mnuchin’s confirmation will be delayed until early February. The Treasury Department last week named Adam Szubin as acting secretary. Szubin previously served as the department’s acting undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.
AGC supports Mnuchin’s nomination and will work with him to promote a pro-construction agenda at the Treasury Department.
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