Construction Advocacy Fund Receives Record $250,000 Contribution

AGC of America President Art Daniel, joined by fellow members of the AGC of Texas, presented the Construction Advocacy Fund with a chapter check for $250,000 during last week’s Highway, Transportation & Utility Infrastructure Conference. This is the Fund’s single largest contribution to date.
President Daniel said, “To protect our industry and expand market opportunities in this complex legislative and political environment, AGC of Texas members felt a sense of duty to support the Construction Advocacy Fund.” He added, “On most construction industry issues, if AGC doesn’t do it, it doesn’t get done!”
The Fund serves as the advocacy arm of AGC of America financing efforts to expand markets, protect the industry from regulatory overreach, and advocate for our members. It funds a host of critical campaigns, including AGC’s ongoing efforts to fight for federal infrastructure investments, push back against costly, and needless, regulatory burdens, sustain legal fights, promote workforce development and workplace safety, and enhance construction technology.
Unlike AGC PAC, the Fund is permitted to accept contributions from corporations, individuals, and PACs in unlimited amounts. However, the Fund is prohibited from making contributions to candidates and instead supports activities beyond dues capabilities.
Visit for more information and to make a contribution.

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