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AGC and its experienced team of government relations professionals are relentlessly promoting the industry’s value and priorities to officials at the highest levels of government. No association is more visible in its promotion of construction and member-company interests across all sectors of the federal government than AGC. It is one of the reasons why AGC is regarded as the “voice and choice” of the construction industry.

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    Conduct a Voter Registration Drive

    DISCLAIMER: The content of this informational packet applies only to federal campaign activities and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult your counsel for legal advice regarding specific federal campaign activities and local and state matters.

    People fail to vote for a lot of reasons — lack of awareness, apathy, confusion, or the belief that “my vote won’t make a difference.” No matter how well you educate and motivate employees, it’s important to remember that your work won’t count unless they register to vote. It takes inspiration plus registration to increase voter participation. Because millions of eligible, unregistered voters have jobs, this is an area in which you can have a major impact.

    Mobilize your employees by first making sure everyone is registered to vote — and that includes members of their families! Visit our 2020 Election Center to see your state's voter registration deadline.

    Action items:

    • Include a voter registration drive as part of company events.
    • Include voter registration material in employee information packets and in welcome kits for employees relocating to your area.
    • Delegate voter registration duties to your managers or HR professional — ask them to distribute registration materials at staff meetings, and to help employees who may need assistance.
    • Add a link to on your employee web portal.
    • Use a voicemail tree or send out a broadcast email as critical registration dates near.

    Important - These activities may be conducted across the company or among the general public as long as there is no express advocacy, the activities are not coordinated with a candidate or political party, and opportunities to register are made available to anyone who requests them. In addition, the company should state that the activities are being conducted without regard for political preference and will not be provided or withheld on the basis of support or opposition to particular candidates or political parties. 

    Resources for Download:

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    A Plethora of House Polls

    In the last two days, 14 polls in 13 competitive House districts were publicly released, and they all tell a unique story. The synopsis is below (in alphabetical order):

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    Snippets from Around the Country

    Listed below are political snippets on congressional and gubernatorial races across the country. Enjoy!

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    It's Kamala

    Ending months of speculation, former Vice President Joe Biden announced that he has chosen California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate for the 2020 presidential election. Mr. Biden pledged to choose a woman as his vice-presidential partner and fulfilled his commitment with Sen. Harris. As time progressed, the pressure became intense for him to choose a woman of color, which he also now has done. The selection marks the third time a woman will appear on a major party ticket, the first being Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 and then Sarah Palin in 2008.

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    Election Resources


    Along with the resources at (also, this information is designed to promote good government by helping AGC member companies educate their employees about people and policies that impact their jobs and industry, and by providing tools that both you and they can use to effectively participate in the electoral process in a non-partisan manner.

    Research has revealed three basic facts:

    1. Employees want to hear from their employers about issues, candidates, and elections.
    2. When messages are delivered properly – the employer is found to be a highly credible source of political information.
    3. Better educated employees become motivated participants in the political and public policy process – increasing voter turnout.

    Now, AGC understands the reservations a member company may have about discussing candidates, elections, and voting issues with employees. But, rest assured - nothing in these resources advises employees on how to vote, however, both provide the necessary information to make educated decisions when completing an electoral ballot.

    The following resources have been developed pursuant to Federal Election Commission regulations 11 CFR 114.1-114.4, which implement the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1974, as amended. 

    Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) Activities

    Our system of government has served as a model for democracies around the world. Even so, only about half of those eligible in the United States regularly use its most powerful tool: the right to vote. Translation? Only about half of us decide who will represent all of us.

    Many fail to understand how critical each vote can be. Consider this: in the 2000 elections, fewer than 10,000 votes determined control of the entire U.S. government. That’s only about two votes per elected state or federal official!

    Because the cornerstone of our system is a government of the people, increased voter participation can and will improve how that system performs for each of us. Our nation’s businesses are uniquely positioned (and legally allowed) to provide voter education to employees, shareholders, retirees and their families – a large portion of the U.S. population!

    Research tells us that four out of five workers want information from their employers about candidates, issues and elections. In fact, employees cite their employer as the single most trusted source of this information.

    Providing voter information to your employees is easy, it’s rewarding and, since you talk to your employees every day, it’s timely. We are a nation made up of many voices—and on Election Day, every voice counts.

    Remember, there is no limit on the amount of company resources you can devote to the activities described here. There is also no reporting requirement when your efforts are not specific to a candidate or party.

    Here are three areas where you can make the most impact. Click each activity for more information and downloadable resources. 

    1. Conduct a voter registration drive.
    2. Provide employees with early voting information.
    3. Get employees to the polls.

    Educating Employees About Candidates & Issues

    Understanding a candidate’s stance on important issues as well as understanding the particulars of a ballot initiative/referendum gives a voter the confidence to make an informed decision. If people choose to vote—then exit the polls feeling good about whom they’ve voted for—they are more likely to participate in future elections.

    No one wants to go to the polls only vaguely informed about the candidates and issues. That may be why only about half of our eligible citizens exercise their right to vote. Lack of knowledge leads to lack of voting.

    So, where do we get good information? How do we sort through the daily deluge from candidates, parties, news organizations, and others? Whom do we rely on for an expert opinion?

    Research tells us that employees want information from their employers regarding candidates, issues, and elections. In fact, employers are the most trusted source for this kind of information. That makes the workplace an ideal setting for voter education!

    The case is clear: AGC members have the credibility AND opportunity to educate and motivate employees so they can make informed choices at the polls.

    Here are three areas where you can make the most impact. Click each activity for more information and downloadable resources. 

    1. Talk about candidates and issues.
    2. Distribute legislators' voting records.
    3. Host a candidate for an appearance, jobsite tour, meet & greet, or campaign fundraiser.

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