DHS Releases Updated “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce Guidance"

Department of Homeland Security Advises that Construction is Essential

On March 28, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) – an agency within the Department of Homeland Security – released version 2.0 of its “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce” guidance. The objective of the advisory guidance is to help states and local governments determine what workers are needed to ensure the security and resilience of Nation’s critical infrastructure during COVID-19 pandemic. The guidance is advisory, not mandatory, and will be updated as necessary based on the situation and feedback received. As AGC relayed to the agency, the original version of the guidance created confusion about whether all construction workers were essential, raising concerns about a patchwork of state and local orders regarding construction projects. AGC believes that version 2.0 will help mitigate some of this confusion and encourages chapters and members to continue sharing information regarding how construction projects are treated in their state and local orders. 

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