Tell EPA Don’t Regulate PVC as Hazardous Waste


THE LATEST: An environmental group sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to require contractors to dispose of PVC as a hazardous waste. In a preliminarily victory for AGC, the EPA believes that there is not scientific evidence to warrant such a new regulatory requirement.

WHY IT MATTERS: PVC is widely used in many building and construction products – and it contributes to the quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of construction materials. Before making a final determination, however, the EPA is asking for your input on how this would impact your construction business, projects, and workplaces.

THE DETAILS: The potential for EPA to classify discarded PVC as hazardous waste would create significant regulatory risk and new liability exposure for construction firms engaged in deconstruction and demolition as well as new builds. It would also significantly increase construction materials costs, impact waste management, and put beneficial reuse and recycling activities in jeopardy.

What is more, if discarded PVC plastic is categorized as hazardous waste, it would create a stigma against using the innumerable construction products that contain the material; this would, in turn, exacerbate the current materials shortages and supply chain delays as owners search for PVC-free versions of popular products. Learn more.

WHAT TO DO: AGC needs you to tell the EPA to oppose this unfounded effort to regulate contractor’s disposal of PVC as hazardous waste. This ill-conceived initiative would send supply chains in a tailspin and create unwarranted perceptions of the countless construction materials utilizing PVC.

Taking action is easy. Simply complete the form to submit the pre-written message or modify it with personal information on how this issue impacts you and your business.