Provide Employees with Early Voting Information

DISCLAIMER: This content applies only to federal campaign activities and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult your counsel for legal advice regarding specific federal campaign activities and local and state matters.

The key to making every vote count is to make every vote easy, no matter what the circumstances.

Personal or business travel, illness, even transportation problems, can prevent people from getting to the polls. It’s not difficult to put absentee ballots into the hands of travelers and seniors or others with mobility issues. The rules vary from state to state, but the process is rarely complicated.

One of the easiest ways to get early voting or absentee ballot information and deadlines is to visit or text "AGCVotes" to 52886 and follow the instructions for your state. You can also contact your local Board of Elections.

In today’s mobile workplace, early or absentee voting is vitally important — and many people forget they have that option.

Action items:

  • Remind employees that early or absentee voting is available, if needed.
  • Send a reminder to anyone traveling on or near Election Day.
  • Attach a message to your organization’s travel and expense account forms. Include voting information in your company travel policy.
  • Send a company-wide email with a link to or suggest employees text "AGCVotes" to 52886 as early voting and absentee ballot deadlines near. 
  • Add a link to on your employee web portal.

Important - These activities may be conducted across the company or among the general public as long as there is no express advocacy, the activities are not coordinated with a candidate or political party, and opportunities to obtain information are made available to anyone who requests them. In addition, the company should state that the activities are being conducted without regard for political preference and will not be provided or withheld on the basis of support or opposition to particular candidates or political parties. 

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