Tell President Biden and Congress: NO Gas Tax Gimmicks


The Latest: Americans are frustrated with soaring gas prices – and rightfully so. As the national average continues to climb, Americans are looking to our elected leaders for immediate action.

Unfortunately, President Biden and some in Congress are choosing to play politics. In a misguided effort to address rising gas prices, the president is calling on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for three months. This comes as Congress recently used these gas tax revenues to help pay for the bipartisan infrastructure law and its historic investment in constructing physical infrastructure across-the-board. 

Why it Matters: Gas tax revenues help pay for transportation construction projects across the nation and keep many construction companies in business, workers on the job, and the economy growing.

Americans and the construction industry need real relief, not a gimmick that only saves them about $2 per week or $25 over the full suspension and could add $10 billion to the national debt. 

Whether it is increasing domestic oil production or providing rebates to Americans, Congress should find REAL solutions to high gas prices – NOT gimmicks. 

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What to Do: That is why we need you to tell your members of Congress and President Biden to oppose all efforts to suspend the federal gas tax and focus on real solutions. This ill-conceived proposal would directly jeopardize the funding Congress provides communities each year to pay America’s construction industry to build roads, bridges, and transit systems.

Taking action is easy. Simply complete the form to submit the pre-written message or modify it with personal information on how this issue impacts you and your business.

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