Get Employees to the Polls

DISCLAIMER: The content of this informational packet applies only to federal campaign activities and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult your counsel for legal advice regarding specific federal campaign activities and local and state matters.

Even if you’ve done everything in your power to prepare people to vote, there’s no guarantee everyone will make it to the polls on Election Day. But remember, even the simplest voter registration efforts on your part can produce high-yield results. Basic information such as a reminder on Election Day that says where to go and when the polls close is proven to have a strong impact on voter turnout.

Here are some activities that help can encourage employees to vote on Election Day:

  • Set up a call bank to remind employees and their families about Election Day.
  • Mobilize team members to knock on office doors, stop by workspaces, and jobsites.
  • Distribute information through paycheck stuffers.
  • Leave flyers on desks.
  • Hang posters in lunchrooms and other public areas.
  • Post a reminder on the front page of your employee web portal.
  • Use a voicemail tree or send out a broadcast email with a reminder and voting information.
  • Provide employees with time off to vote. 

Important - These activities may be conducted across the company or among the general public as long as there is no express advocacy, the activities are not coordinated with a candidate or political party, and opportunities to obtain election information are made available to anyone who requests them. In addition, the company should state that the activities are being conducted without regard for political preference and will not be provided or withheld on the basis of support or opposition to particular candidates or political parties. 

Resources for download: