House Approves Comp Time Legislation

On May 2, the House passed the Working Families Flexibility Act, which would allow private-sector employers the option to offer workers paid-time-off or “comp time”, in lieu of compensation, for overtime hours worked in a workweek. The bill passed mostly along party lines, with Republicans supporting the bill and Democrats opposing. AGC has for years supported extending this choice to the private sector, allowING individual employers and their employees to choose the best fit for them. It is important to note the legislation does nothing to address Paid Sick leave mandates, which is a separate issue that AGC is working to find legislative relief from.
Despite passage of the bill in the House, the legislation faces an uphill battle in the Senate and is unlikely to make further progress this Congress at this time. More information on the bill can be found here.
For more information, contact Jim Young at [email protected].

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