Supply Chain Bills Advance

AGC-backed bills advance that would extend permitting reforms to more types of construction projects and prioritize discretionary grants on freight movement projects, among others.

On Tuesday, May 23, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure approved a series of measures to strengthen the nation’s supply chain. You may recall, AGC of America testified last year and again this year before this committee on this very topic.

Two AGC-Supported bills were passed by the committee:

  • One Federal Decision. You may recall that the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act included a provision for road and bridge projects to hold agencies accountable by requiring timelines and page limits on large environmental documents. This new legislation would extend this policy for port, aviation, and pipeline projects.
  • Supply Chain Improvement Act. This bill would prioritize discretionary grants at the U.S. Department of Transportation on projects that would improve or build resiliency into the supply chain. You may recall, AGC called on Secretary Buttigieg to do this last year.

Other notable bills that were passed by the committee include: a pilot program to allow for heavier trucks on the interstates, changes to the Commercial Driver’s Licensing (CDL) testing process to allow for greater efficiency, and funding for additional truck parking. Next these bills will be packaged together and brought forward for consideration by the full House of Representatives. 


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