Tell Congress and President Biden to Include Significant Construction Investment in COVID-19 Relief Legislation!


Tell Congress and President Biden to include significant construction investment for transportation, schools, hospitals, water, and broadband infrastructure in this round of COVID relief legislation. With nearly 1 million construction workers unemployed, our elected leaders must act now to help save construction jobs and sustain the industry!

Due to the unprecedented impact of the pandemic, state and local governments collectively face budget shortfalls of over $500 billion that are putting immense pressure on public agencies to delay or cancel construction projects. This comes on top of many private owners, developers, and investors—facing vast uncertainty—drastically cutting back on future construction projects.

It is essential for the construction industry to be heard loudly and clearly on Capitol Hill as bipartisan negotiations are underway on this round of COVID relief legislation. Without passing legislation that provides robust levels of infrastructure investment, the construction industry could experience substantial market reductions, threatening the viability of thousands of construction firms and jeopardizing hundreds of thousands of construction jobs.

In response to AGC surveys, more than two-thirds (69 percent) of contractors report having a project canceled or delayed since the start of the pandemic in early March 2020. 

Amid these dire public and construction economic indicators, Congress and President Biden must include broad and robust infrastructure investment in the next COVID relief bill to combat the threat of more project delays, cancellations and, ultimately, construction firm closures and worker layoffs.

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