New Executive Order Seeks to Reorganize Federal Bureaucracy

AGC to Review for Suggestions
On March 13, the president issued an executive order aiming to merge duplicative agencies and eliminate unnecessary agencies. The “Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch” Executive Order calls on the Office of Management and Budget to develop a plan to achieve the order’s goals. The plan may consider whether some or all functions of a federal agency would be better left to state or local governments or the private sector; whether the federal agency operating costs are justified by the public benefits it provides; and whether federal agency mission redundancies can be eliminated or streamlined.
AGC will further review the order and provide suggestions for streamlining the federal bureaucracy as a means to reduce permitting delays and help deliver construction projects in a timelier manner. For more a more detailed account on President Trump’s Executive Orders from the construction perspective, click here.
For more information, contact Jimmy Christianson at 703-837-5325 or [email protected].

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