No Regulation without Representation

AGC pushes back on Biden administration efforts to regulate industry with as little industry input as possible in the development of regulations.   

On June 6, AGC and its allies delivered a first set of recommendations on Biden administration guidance implementing a new executive order that significantly changes the process of developing regulations. The guidance would effectively close the door on the very entities that stand to bear the compliance cost of a proposed regulation.

It does this by limiting the business community’s access to the administration during the inter-agency review process, while encouraging feedback from groups that ordinarily would not engage in the regulatory process. The executive order also raises the threshold of a significant regulatory action, meaning fewer regulations would be required to undergo traditional reviews. AGC encourages the Administration to abandon the executive order.

The Administration has provided an extension of the comment period to June 20, 2023, for related policy changes to Office of Management and Budget Circular No. A-4, ‘Regulatory Analysis.’ AGC will respond to the proposed changes to the A-4 circular in a separate set of comments.

For more information, contact Jordan Howard at [email protected] or (703) 837-5368.

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