Take Action: Call For an Immediate House Vote on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill


AGC of America needs your help to pressure Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Tell your members of Congress and President Biden to act NOW!

The latest: A record-setting construction investment bill—the bipartisan infrastructure bill—is on the 50-yard line, and you can bring it into the end-zone. But Speaker Pelosi is holding the bipartisan infrastructure bill hostage until she can pass a $3.5 trillion “human” infrastructure bill. 

Why it matters: The bipartisan infrastructure bill represents the best chance to significantly invest in building and maintaining a broad range of physical infrastructure without unnecessarily burdening the construction industry with new taxes and workforce mandates. We cannot let this opportunity to enact it pass the construction industry by. 

The details: In addition to record federal investment in a broad range of construction projects, the bipartisan infrastructure bill:

  • Does NOT include new tax hikes on any construction firms;
  • Does NOT tie federal funding to the AGC-opposed PRO Act;
  • Does NOT tie federal funding to government-mandated project labor agreements;
  • Does NOT tie federal funding to local hire goals;
  • Does NOT put new restrictions on states’ ability to build new roads; and
  • INCLUDES sensible environmental review and permitting reforms put forth by former President Trump.

Despite having the opportunity to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill that will help the construction industry rebuild America, Speaker Pelosi is jeopardizing its passage because she wants to pass a $3.5 trillion “human” infrastructure bill. In the “human” infrastructure bill, the speaker plans to:

  • Increase taxes on construction firms of nearly all types and sizes;
  • Pass the greatest threat to union and open-shop construction firms—the PRO Act—in whole or in part; and
  • Tie federal tax incentives to various workforce mandates on construction projects, among many other things.

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