Grant Prior Authorization

Before AGC of America can send an individual in the executive or administrative personnel of a corporate member company detailed information about AGC PAC including how to donate, federal election law first requires the association to obtain separate and specific approval in writing from the company

Granting prior authorization does not obligate a corporate member company or its employees to support AGC PAC – it simply gives AGC permission to communicate in much greater detail about the PAC to eligible employees about the role the PAC plays in advancing and protecting construction interests in Washington, D.C. Any individual at a member company who has the ability to grant the authorization to AGC PAC can sign the authorization form on behalf of his or her company. Typically, this individual is an owner, chairman, CEO, COO, vice president or other senior executive.

Unfortunately, federal election law states that a corporate member company of a trade association can only give prior authorization to one trade association PAC per year and the company may not approve a solicitation by any other corporate member trade association for these years. However, this does not preclude eligible employees from contributing to other trade association PACs or local, state, ideological or national member PACs. It just prohibits other corporate member trade association PACs from being able to solicit contributions from the company’s eligible employees.

If you are employed by a member company that is a partnership, an LLC that does not elect corporate treatment for tax purposes, or a sole-proprietorship, please contact Isabella Armstrong before completing this form.