Senate Committee Talks Infrastructure Needs

Governors Sends List of Projects to White House
Although there is still no word out of the White House on their infrastructure investment plan, infrastructure continued to make news in the nation’s capital this week. The Senate Environment & Public Works (EPW) Committee held their first hearing, the National Governors Association (NGA) is sending a list of 428 infrastructure projects to the White House, and Ranking Democrat on the House Transportation Committee Peter Defazio is sending a letter to President Trump recommending three immediate actions that could be taken to provide funding for surface transportation, waterways, and airport construction projects. AGC will continue working with Congress and the administration to shape a plan that meets the investment needs for our nation’s infrastructure.
The Senate committee hearing on “Modernizing our Nation’s Infrastructure” focused on the infrastructure needs of the country, particularly rural communities.  Senators heard from witnesses representing public works agencies, including the heads of the Wyoming and Colorado Departments of Transportation.  Similar to last week’s hearing in the House, there was consensus among witnesses and Senators that any new infrastructure plan must not only rely on private investment but must also include direct federal spending to meet the nation’s infrastructure needs in both urban and rural communities.
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