Senate Expected to Pass Short-Term Government Funding Bill through March 11

With funding for the federal government set to expire on February 18, the Senate is expected to pass a short-term funding agreement, also known as a “continuing resolution” (CR), this week.

The CR would provide stopgap funding through March 11 and follows recent action by the House of Representatives to pass the CR on February 8. With the passage of this short-term funding agreement, Congress will have more time to strike a deal to fund the government through the rest of the fiscal year. Important to those negotiations is that Congress authorize new and increased funding for programs included in the November-passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

As AGC and other stakeholders noted in January, without a full-year funding bill in place, Congress’ new investments in the nation’s infrastructure will be delayed. AGC will continue to encourage Congress to pass a spending bill that fully funds these new infrastructure commitments.

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