Update on Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate

On November 4, the White House announced that the deadline for direct federal contractors to have their employees fully vaccinated under the federal contractor vaccine mandate will be same as the new OSHA ETS: January 4, 2022. Previously, the deadline for direct federal contractors was December 8, 2021.

It is important to note that federal contractors will still see the contract clause mandating vaccination in federal solicitations, new contracts, etc., as none of the other dates relevant to federal contractors have changed. As of Nov. 4, the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force website has not been updated to reflect the extended deadline. However, AGC expects it to be updated to reflect this announcement from the White House.

Last month, AGC hosted a webinar to help federal contractors and subcontractors understand this new vaccine mandate. AGC and its members have encouraged voluntary COVID-19 vaccination for their employees since the vaccines became available. The construction industry has proven throughout the pandemic that it can work in a safe and essential manner. AGC has retained outside legal counsel—and is asking some of the brightest legal minds within the industry—to help it review its legal options regarding the federal contractor mandate.

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