Encourage Employees To Register To Vote

DISCLAIMER: This content applies only to federal campaign activities and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult your counsel for legal advice regarding specific federal campaign activities and local and state matters.

People fail to vote for a lot of reasons — lack of awareness, apathy, confusion, or the belief that “my vote won’t make a difference.” No matter how well you educate and motivate employees, it’s important to remember that your work won’t count unless they register to vote. It takes inspiration plus registration to increase voter participation. Because millions of eligible, unregistered voters have jobs, this is an area in which you can have a major impact.

Mobilize your employees by first making sure everyone is registered to vote — and that includes members of their families! Visit our 2022 Election Center to see your state's voter registration deadline.

Action items:

  • Include a voter registration drive as part of a company event.
  • Include voter registration material in employee information packets and in welcome kits for employees relocating to your area.
  • Delegate voter registration duties to your managers or HR professional — ask them to distribute registration materials at staff meetings, and to help employees who may need assistance.
  • Add a link to ConstructionVotes.com on your employee web portal.
  • Send out an email or text message to employees as critical registration dates near.

Important - These activities may be conducted across the company or among the general public as long as there is no express advocacy, the activities are not coordinated with a candidate or political party, and opportunities to register are made available to anyone who requests them. In addition, the company should state that the activities are being conducted without regard for political preference and will not be provided or withheld on the basis of support or opposition to particular candidates or political parties. 

Resources for Download: