2020 Priorities

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) represents more than 27,000 firms including 6,704 of America’s leading general contractors, more than 9,000 specialty contractors and almost 12,000 service providers and suppliers. Regarded as the “voice and choice” of the construction industry, AGC is one of the most visible organizations in Washington, D.C. actively advocating for the industry.

For a comprehensive list of AGC policy principles, please download our Legislative and Regulatory Priorities.

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AGC’s Top Policy Principles for 2020

  • Improve the Pipeline for the Construction Workforce
  • Ensure Government Rules and Regulations Improve Workplace Safety
  • Reinvigorate Federal Construction Programs and Pass a Significant, Long-Term Infrastructure Bill
  • Increase Highway Trust Fund Revenues to Meet Present and Future Transportation Needs
  • Support Regulations, Policies, Guidance, and Executive Orders that are Necessary, Cost-Effective and Practical
  • Create a Positive Environment for Private Building Construction
  • Support and Build Upon the Construction Industry’s Position within the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and its Implementation
  • Protect Employers’ and Employees’ Rights to Free Speech and a Fair Process in Union Organizing
  • Provide Multiemployer Pension Plans with the Tools Necessary to Protect the Benefits of their Participants
  • Improve Employer-Sponsored Health Care Affordability and Quality
  • Oppose Government-Mandated Project Labor Agreements
  • Oppose Paid Leave Mandates that Fail to Recognize the Unique Nature of the Construction Industry and its Workforce Design
  • Streamline the Federal Procurement Process to Save Money and Increase Competition
  • Repeal the Prior Approval Requirement for PAC Solicitations


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