Administration Announces “One Federal Decision” Policy

In Line with AGC Environmental Review Streamlining Recommendations
On April 9, the Trump administration unveiled an AGC-backed “One Federal Decision” memorandum of understanding signed by more than a dozen federal agencies that establishes a coordinated and timely process for environmental reviews of major infrastructure projects.  AGC has advocated for streamlining provisions like the "One Federal Decision" process, whereby one agency takes the lead on navigating the permitting process, reviews are conducted concurrently, and the agencies follow a reasonable timetable. AGC’s chart and backgrounder documenthighlight some of the common road blocks and delays in environmental reviews and permitting of major infrastructure projects.
The MOU puts forth a two-year permitting process, which would drastically reduce the amount of time currently needed to move a project through this process. For example, the median environmental review completion time for a complex highway project is more than seven years.  Finalizing an environmental impact statement (EIS) alone takes an average of 1,679 days. EISs are required for most of the major infrastructure projects that the Trump administration is working to advance with this MOU.
The agencies signing onto the MOU include:

  • Departments of the Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, and Homeland Security;

  • Environmental Protection Agency;

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers;

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission;

  • Advisory Council on Historic Preservation; and

  • Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Council.
For more information, contact Leah Pilconis at [email protected].

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