The Federal Gas Tax is the Best Bang for Consumer’s Buck for Infrastructure Improvements

AGC educates Congress that suspending the federal gas tax does not promise to lower prices at the pump and directly jeopardizes the recently passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

As the price of fuel remains at near record highs, elected officials in both Congress and states are calling for suspending both federal and state gas taxes to lower the price of fuel to consumers, despite such moves not promising lower prices at the pump. Vulnerable politicians in DC have filed legislation, the Gas Tax Relief Act, to suspend the federal gas tax, which would equate to an estimated $20M less per day in funding for infrastructure improvements across the country. The number of measures calling for some variation of this proposal on the state level continues to grow as well, including measures passed in Georgia and Maryland.

As such, AGC has created a brief to educate members and the general public on the importance of the federal gas tax in paying for infrastructure improvements. As AGC has informed Congress, suspending the federal gas tax directly jeopardizes the recently passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Click learn more to view this document and better understand why the federal gas tax is necessary and cost-effective in improving the roads and bridges in your community.

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