Two-Part Webinar Series on Safe Digging

AGC of America is hosting a two-part webinar series on safe digging practices to highlight best practices contractors should adhere to when excavating and in celebration of the conclusion of National Safe Digging Month. 


Excavation projects are critical for the development and construction of utility systems, such as drinking and wastewater pipes, traditional and renewable energy sources, and broadband internet. Safety protocols must be adhered to throughout the entire construction process to reduce damages. These safety protocols usually begin with a call to a state one-call notification center before excavation.

Part One will be held on April 30 and features Sam Hall, the Vice President of the Damage Prevention Institute at the Common Ground Alliance (CGA). Hall oversees the Damage Prevention Institute’s development of stakeholder metrics to drive efficiencies in the damage prevention system and collaborates with industry leaders and various CGA committees to create a peer-reviewed accreditation process.

Part Two, which will occur on May 14, focuses on legal liabilities contractors could face if they do not adhere to safety practices while excavating. This portion will feature Brent Hunziker, who serves as the Vice President of Natural Gas Operators at Whittaker Construction and is actively engaged in utility excavation processes in this role. Hunziker also volunteers on AGC’s behalf with the Common Ground Alliance. Additionally, this portion will feature a community liaison officer with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), the federal government’s pipeline safety agency, to discuss violations contractors could commit if they do not adhere to safe digging practices.

The two-part webinar will occur on April 30 and May 14 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. The series is sponsored by United Rentals and is free to attend for AGC members while non-AGC members are also welcome to attend for $99. Please register here and more information can be found here.

For any questions, please contact John Chambers.

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