AGC Weighs in (Again) on Buy America

The association pushes back against the latest proposed guidance from the White House seeking to unrealistically restrict construction supply chains.

On March 13, AGC weighed in—yet again—on new proposed guidance that would seek to further restrict construction supply chains by unrealistically expanding Buy America requirements. In response to the latest White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) proposed guidance, AGC pushed back against the proposal’s seeking to further expand domestic manufacturing requirements on, among other things, cementitious materials, aggregates including stone, sand, and gravel, and their binders.

It is unclear when OMB will finalize this guidance and, in turn, other owners will need to update their existing policies on implementing Build America, Buy America Act requirements.

For AGC analysis on this proposed OMB guidance, click here. For AGC’s comments on the guidance, click here.

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