Stop U.S. DOT from Diverting Highway Funding

Help protect highway and bridge construction funding from being repurposed for buses, bikeshares, pedestrian walkways, and EV charging stations by telling the president and Congress to block an illegal U.S. DOT regulation.

Tell President Biden and your members of Congress to block the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) greenhouse gas (GHG) rule that will force states to spend their highway funds, meant for road and bridge construction, to pay for non-construction initiatives like the procurement of more buses, Amtrak trains, and electric vehicle charging stations.

On February 7, Senator Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) and Representative Rick Crawford (R-Ark.) introduced AGC-backed legislation that would repeal this illegal rulemaking. AGC helped lead a diverse business coalition in supporting the effort to introduce the legislation, in addition to a host of additional advocacy efforts to block the FHWA GHG rule.

AGC will continue to support all avenues available to it to block this rulemaking.

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