Improve Construction Worker Safety, Health & Outcomes

How can construction employers—from field supervisors to the C-suite—improve worker safety, health & behavioral outcomes?

Webinar Series: How Construction Employers—from Field Supervisors to the C-Suite—Can Improve Worker Health & Behavioral Outcomes

Register now for this May 2022 webinar series that will help construction leaders in the field and in the office better navigate issues impacting worker safety, health and behavior issues. The webinars, held every Thursday in May, include:

  • Addressing the Stress: Mental Health for You and Your Teams
  • Navigating the High Times: Medical Marijuana Use, the Reasonable Suspicion Test and the Future of Marijuana Drug Testing
  • Performance Management and Coaching: Set Your Team Up for Success
  • Pain Management for Contractors: Preventing, Identifying and Addressing Opioid Use/Abuse on the Jobsite

For more details on the excellent speakers and specific webinars, click here.

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