House Considers More Harmful Labor Mandates

The House of Representatives is considering ending secret ballot elections in union organizing (card check), while adding state licensure requirements, local hiring preferences, blacklisting and more for military construction contractors.

AGC is working to block several amendments to the House of Representative’s version National Defense Authorization Act (House NDAA) bill that would negatively impact military construction contractors. Among other things, these amendments—if included—would:

  • Require prime contractors and subcontractors to be licensed in the state of the military construction project;
  • Establish local hiring preferences; and
  • Impose subjective criteria into the suspension and debarment process that would make it easier to blacklist contractors, among others.

AGC is also working for the inclusion of beneficial amendments, such as the AGC backed bipartisan bill—Small Business Payment for Performance Act—that will require agencies to pay upfront at least a portion of directed change orders. Congress has passed the NDAA for about 60 consecutive years and it is considered must-pass legislation, which is why AGC is taking seriously any attempt to add harmful construction policy to it. AGC will continue to advocate for contractor priorities as the House and Senate conference their versions of the NDAA.  

For more information, contact Jordan Howard at [email protected] or (703) 837-5368.

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