Ways to Contribute

As an AGC of America member, you can rest assured knowing that your interests are being advocated for in the halls of Congress and at federal agencies and departments. AGC relentlessly promotes the industry’s value and priorities in Washington, D.C. and builds relationships with public officials at the highest levels of the government. But getting your ideas into law requires more than just hard work, good connections and a strong argument  – it requires resources and leverage.

You can help the association deliver on its 2023-2024 priorities by learning more about the Associated General Contractors Political Action Committee (AGC PAC) and Construction Advocacy Fund.



Since federal law prohibits corporations from directly contributing to federal candidates, it is imperative to use the legal tools available and proactively participate in the election of qualified individuals for federal office who understand the construction industry and will consider AGC-proposed solutions. AGC PAC is the most efficient means of pooling together the resources of AGC member company employees to accomplish this task.

AGC PAC advances industry interest by helping to elect candidates for public office who support our positions on key issues and who are committed to working with our member companies and industry.




The primary mission of the Construction Advocacy Fund is to expand markets, protect the industry from regulatory overreach, and advocate for additional project funding and reduced costs of doing business.

In recent months, the Fund lead the fight for tax reform and federal infrastructure investments, initiated legal battles against costly and needless regulatory burdens, promoted workforce development and safety, and enhanced construction technology.

To ensure the industry comes out on top, the Fund:

  • Litigates in the courts to fight laws, rules, or precedents that threaten the industry.
  • Executes research to secure the right data to make the case for vital legislative measures, and against unneeded and costly regulations.
  • Lobbies, assembles and leads coalitions on key construction priorities to effectively influence decision makers.
  • Impacts voters and officeholders through issue advocacy, Get-Out-the-Vote, and public relations campaigns to advance construction policy and political goals.