AGC Calls for Immigration Reform that Addresses Industry and Country Needs

This week AGC joined other national construction trade associations in expressing support for broad, bipartisan immigration reform and identifying policies that we believe would help address the workforce needs of construction industry employers. This collaborative construction industry action comes on the heels of a renewed interest in the immigration reform debate and growing domestic workforce shortages.
The policies agreed to by the construction industry include support for a guest worker program for construction; creating a fair and efficient employment verification system; addressing the undocumented population with an earned path toward legal permanent status or citizenship, especially Dreamers; extending TPS status for deserving nations; and protecting construction contractors from discrimination or retaliation for border wall construction.
AGC also joined a broad coalition of organizations late last week in urging Congress relief for H-2B visas, where demand for these visas exceeds availability annually. The H-2B program is essential to employers who cannot find local temporary workers to fill less skilled positions. Despite the limited applicability for this industry, it remains one of the only legal immigration visas eligible for construction workers.
For more information contact Jim Young at [email protected].

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