Commerce Department Publishes Exclusion Process Procedures for Steel and Aluminum Products

AGC Joins Coalition to Help Mitigate Effects of Tariffs on the Construction Industry
On March 19, the Department of Commerce published its exclusion process procedures (interim final rule) for steel and aluminum tariffs. The Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security will collect comments on the interim final rule until May 18, and the Bureau’s website provides more information about the steel and aluminum exclusion/objection process, as well as links to downloadable forms. Companies will need to consider both commenting on the rule (so as to address issues with the Department’s procedures) and submitting exclusions requests in a prompt fashion. The new duties go into effect on March 23.
At present, there is still no published guidance for the country exemption process, but U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer indicated to the House Ways and Means Committee yesterday that the process will likely be concluded by the end of April. Aside from Canada and Mexico – which are currently exempted due to NAFTA renegotiations – Argentina, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, and the EU will also be exempted for now.
Since President Trump signed the steel and aluminum tariffs, AGC has joined the National Foreign Trade Council’s Alliance for Competitive Steel and Aluminum Trade (ACSAT), the premier coalition working collectively to mitigate the tariffs’ effects on a range of American industries. As the sole representative of the construction industry within the Coalition, AGC will be leveraging our engaged membership to collect company specific data, executives’ quotes, and company anecdotes to demonstrate the tariff’s impact on construction so that we can advocate effectively before members of Congress. If your company would like to provide this information, please forward to AGC’s Chief Economist, Ken Simonson. AGC is diligently monitoring developments in this space and is committed to helping members navigate this period of confusion.
For more information, contact Collin Janich at [email protected].

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