EPA Acting Administrator Wheeler Commits to ‘Reining in Federal Regulatory Overreach’

Following Scott Pruitt’s resignation late last week, Deputy Administrator Andrew Wheeler assumed the role of acting administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on July 9. In his first address to EPA staff, Wheeler indicated that he would continue President Trump’s goals for the agency to reign in federal regulatory overreach and refocus EPA on its core responsibilities.  AGC supported Andrew Wheeler’s confirmation as deputy administrator in a letter to the senate earlier this year.
Mr. Wheeler is experienced and well-qualified on environmental matters. During his tenure as a congressional aide, Mr. Wheeler served as majority staff director, minority staff director, and chief counsel at the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. In addition, he worked at EPA’s Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics during the George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations.
The administration has not yet announced its plans for Pruitt’s replacement. AGC will continue our positive working relationship with EPA as we strive to meet our policy and stewardship goals in the environmental area.
For more information, contact Melinda Tomaino at [email protected] or (703) 837-5415.

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