Federal Regulatory Freeze Ends

AGC Updates on Major Regulations/Executive Orders
On March 22, the federal regulatory freeze put in place by the Trump administration since January 20 came to a close. As a result, federal agencies will look to move ahead with their regulatory agendas by proposing new regulations and finalizing ones in the cue. However, over the last 60 days, the president has issued several executive orders calling for the elimination of two regulations for each new regulation and the establishment of deregulatory task forces at each agency.
How agencies’ regulatory operations will work in conjunction with these new executive actions is yet to be seen. It is unlikely that the flood gates of new regulations will be open with the end of the regulatory freeze. Similarly, deregulatory actions will also take time to undertake. There are still many agency heads that have not been confirmed by the Senate, and many others continue to review pending or recent regulations.
AGC continues to take action on the regulatory front and has detailed analysis and updates on major regulations and executive orders impacting—or potentially impacting the construction industry. For the latest on the 2017 Regulatory Road Ahead, click here. For the latest on President Trump’s Executive Actions/Orders, click here.
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