Get Involved with Infrastructure Week Starting May 14

Infrastructure Week 2018 runs May 14-21 and AGC – a longtime affiliate and partner of the week – looks forward to this being the largest Infrastructure Week yet. Infrastructure Week is a time for members of America’s business, labor, and government communities to turn up the volume on the need to fix our nation’s infrastructure.
To get involved, sign up for our Thunderclap! By signing up, you authorize one Infrastructure Week tweet or post to be sent from your Twitter or Facebook account at noon ET on Monday, May 14. The message will be: “Infrastructure Week starts today! A foundation of infrastructure = good jobs & a strong economy. It’s Time To Build.” By using the Thunderclap, we can make sure that every participating account sends the same message at the same time creating a lot of traction on our first day of Infrastructure Week.
Learn more about how you can get involved here.

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