House Committee Considers NLRA Bills

The House Committee on the Education and the Workforce approved two bills that target the National Labor Relations Act and actions undertaken at the National Labor Relations Board during the previous eight years. AGC supports the committee’s efforts and urges Congress to pass H.R. 2776, the Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act and H.R. 2775, the Employee Privacy Protection Act. H.R. 2776 would reverse the NLRB rule on representation-case procedures, also known as the “quickie election” or “ambush election” rule. H.R. 2775 protects personal privacy by giving employees control over confidential information that can be shared with union organizers during a representation election. The bills would likely pass the House but their future in the Senate remains uncertain.
For more information, contact Jim Young at [email protected] or (202) 547-0133.

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