$1 Trillion Senate GOP Proposal on Covid-19 Relief Delayed

AGC Calls for Infrastructure Investment & More for Construction Industry

As of July 23, Senate Republicans and the White House continue to negotiate agreement on the details of a new, $1 trillion coronavirus (COVID-19) relief bill. AGC recently called on members of both parties to include in any final relief bill dedicated infrastructure investment, financial resources for construction employers and employees, reasonable liability protections from COVID-19-related lawsuits, policies that promote workforce re-entry, education and training, and ensure the viability of multiemployer pension plans.  House Democrats passed their $3 trillion bill on May 15, for which you can find AGC’s positions and details on that legislation by clicking here. As it stands, Senate Republicans and the White House are determining to what extent their proposal reduces the $600 per week federal unemployment insurance benefit—which has made it difficult for many contractors to bring workers back to jobsites—among other issues. AGC remains focused on advancing the construction industry’s priorities in any final bill.

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