AGC PAC Endorses Martha McSally for US Senate

The Associated General Contractors of America Political Action Committee (AGC PAC) Endorses Martha McSally for the U.S. Senate.
The Associated General Contractors of America Political Action Committee, also known as the AGC PAC, announced today that it has endorsed Martha McSally for the United States Senate. AGC PAC officials said they are supporting the representative’s campaign because of her strong pro-construction record.

“Martha McSally has distinguished herself as serious leader with a proven track record of fighting unreasonable regulations, supporting much-needed tax reforms, and pursuing common-sense immigration policies,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the association’s chief executive officer. “As the first female combat fighter pilot and first woman to command a fighter squadron in combat, Martha McSally has proven that she will stand up and fight for what is right when it comes to protecting our economy, our workers and our country.”

In addition to endorsing Rep. McSally, AGC PAC has contributed the maximum amount of $10,000 to her Senate campaign. AGC PAC is also encouraging the association’s members in Arizona to help turn out the construction vote in support of the congresswoman in the August 28th Republican primary election and again on November 6th in the general election.

“Martha McSally has fought to protect workers and employers from the dozens of municipal and state governments that want to discriminate against them for working on the border wall,” said David Martin, president of the AGC Arizona Chapter. “She has worked side-by-side with us on important issues including workforce development, infrastructure investment, veterans’ affairs, economic growth, ending red tape, and limiting bureaucracy. Martha is for us,” added Tom Dunn, president of the Arizona Builders Alliance.

AGC is the leading association for the construction industry, with hundreds of member companies in Arizona, representing general and specialty contractors, service providers, and suppliers. This endorsement comes from AGC PAC, the national association’s political action committee.

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