AGC Testifies on Small Business Challenges

AGC member Joel Lipsky, President of Lipsky Construction, testifies before Congress on payment challenges federal construction small business contractors face when working for federal owners and the impacts of the regulatory onslaught.

On February 15, Associated General Contractors member Joel Lipsky, President of Lipsky Construction, testified before the House Small Business Committee at a hearing entitled “Leveling the Playing Field: Challenges Facing Small Business Contracting.”

AGC took the opportunity to urge Congress to implement bipartisan reforms to address the challenges facing federal construction small business contractors. Among the topics addressed was the difficulty in adequate cashflow and workforce shortages in the construction industry. AGC also highlighted the increasingly burdensome regulatory environment, including the reforms to the new Davis-Bacon and Related Acts, the Project Labor Agreement mandate on federal construction projects, and Greenhouse Gas Reporting requirements.

AGC of America thanks Joel for a job well done. The association strives to ensure that his testimony translates into deliverable action for the industry.

For more information, contact [email protected] or (703) 837-5368.

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