Blacklisting Regulation Repeal Passes Congress, Moves to President

Thank You for Sending Letters to Your Members of Congress Urging Repeal
AGC and its members are on the verge of a major legislative victory: the repeal of the Blacklisting regulations, which would have implemented President Obama’s “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” Executive Order.  Following a concerted AGC advocacy effort in conjunction with business, the House voted for repeal with a 236-187 vote on Feb. 2 and the Senate voted for repeal on a 49-48 vote on March 9.  Take a moment to thank your members of Congress for voting to repeal the Blacklisting regulation. The legislation now moves to the president’s desk for his signature into law.
Under the blacklisting regulations, both prime and subcontractors would report violations and alleged violations of 14 federal labor laws and “equivalent” state labor laws during the previous three years, and again every six months, on federal contracts over $500,000. Prime contractors would also be responsible for evaluating the labor law violations of their subcontractors at all tiers during both contract solicitation and contract performance. A single alleged violation could lead a contracting officer to either (1) deny a prime contractor the right to compete for a federal contract; or (2) remove a prime contractor or subcontractor from an ongoing project.
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