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  • commented on Tell Congress to Stop Government-Mandated PLAs 2023-12-20 09:45:38 -0500
    We are very concerned about the recent announcement of the final rule regarding PLA mandates on all federally funded or federally assisted projects over $35M. This mandate appears very exclusionary to merit-based contractors who regularly perform high quality federally funded work over $35M. I personally have been involved with over (6) municipal projects for a non-union GC over $50M which were completed on time, under-budget, and without lost-time injuries. Conversely, in speaking to several design engineers in the field, I heard horror stories on projects led by union competition (schedule delays, over-runs, and injuries). For the White House to claim the opposite as justification for creating this mandate shows how disconnected our leadership may be in regards to truly having a pulse on the industry, especially in metropolitan regions. Additionally, given the fact that there is already a shortage of trade labor, whether union or non-union, I fail to see a single benefit to the US taxpayers. I voted for Biden in 2020 but certainly will not come next November if this EO is enforced.